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How Xrapplied Is Bringing Business to the AR/VR Metaverse and Beyond

Business News How Xrapplied Is Bringing Business to the AR/VR Metaverse and Beyond

Glimpsing the AR, VR, and MR metaverse future with Alanna Forman (Transcript)

When I was a kid, I always questioned, is there an easier way to understand this lesson? Well, back in 2016, I picked up what I thought was an old View-Master headset just to pick up and see a little picture.

Except this time, I went to space. Not physically, but in my own room. I was able to fully immerse myself and be among the stars.

What is this technology of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, extended reality?

They’re all key words that we’re starting to hear now but whatever that mixture is, the idea is that you’re socially interacting with technology in a way that’s not necessarily removing you from your everyday life but bringing you a little bit closer to it and engaging in a way that is more authentic and real.

When we think of who the major players are in the technology space today, you’ll see that Facebook Oculus has already rolled out millions of headsets this year alone.

Microsoft holo lens walking at a $22 billion dollar contract with the U.S. Army. Apple, they have LiDAR sensors in all of our phones that are able to detect depth. So, all of the XR applications to accompany this technology is already feasible to deploy.

So, when we’re thinking about this next tech revolution, how are our companies going to evolve? Whether that’s e-commerce, education, entertainment, toys and games, health care, sports, even just training or future workforces. XRA is a globally positioned company that’s able to provide tailored solutions regardless of market sector.

We’re able to help reduce R&D costs that would normally be super expensive to do internally. We’re not only here just to prepare you for the future and help you adapt but help you scale your market potential in a limitless manner.

The future of XR and what extended reality stands for, is creating that future. The question now is — do you want to be a part of it and how do you see yourself adapting and how are you going to get there?


XRApplied Technologies Inc. (CSE: XRA) is an immersive technology solutions provider that specializes in bringing cost-effective AR/VR e-commerce applications to large and small businesses including the MetaVerse. They accomplish this through a suite of proprietary products and services (AR catalog, toy gamification, AR App e-commerce, AR/VR interactive games) that we bring to the masses via our exclusive XRA Marketing Platform.


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