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eShark Token Lists on P2PB2B

Business News eShark Token Lists on P2PB2B

eShark Token: What is it?

The eShark Token offers gamers and investors a trusted transaction management platform based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. This decentralized, open, and fair network brings gamers, investors, traders, and exchangers together. And it provides an automated and transparent investment system based on smart contracts.

With eShark Token, gamers can conduct safe and convenient transactions worldwide between users, players, companies, e-sports teams, developers, and game publishers.

It’ll also establish a means for gamers to vote for eSports teams, game influencers, eSports managers, game streamers and all Gaming-related industry matters through blockchain technology.

What problems does it solve?

  • Fraudulent Transactions. Online payments are becoming increasingly popular. Furniture, fashion, fast food, game vouchers and game accounts are among the things that people choose to buy online instead of in-store. This trend provides fraudsters with an opportunity. Most online transactions result in fraud when the buyer pays the amount agreed by the seller but the seller does not fulfil their obligation;
  • Event Organizer Fund. An event organizer (EO) helps an organization or individual plan a tournament, but many have doubts about untrustworthy EOs. EOs can take away registration fees and prize pools in this situation, thus making it hard for players to compete in tournaments. Some EOs receive money from clients to organize tournaments but do not actually run them. Some events/tournaments are handled by the EO without payment by the client, so the EO is left with full responsibility for the prizes, trophies, awards, certificates, etc.

eShark Solution

eShark Token Wallet plans to provide a complete suite of innovative technologies, including fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat instant exchanges, NFC payment support for crypto payments, and P2P transfers in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

eShark Token Wallet will be the most innovative payment solution available in the industry, supporting native contactless payments.

eShark Token will be integrated into the gaming platform and marketplace worldwide, providing a safe transaction method.

What makes it unique?

  1. Wallet. Simple and economical transactions are possible on the ESHK digital wallet, as well as connecting with other digital wallets for enhanced accessibility;
  2. Safe and secure. Every transaction in the gaming marketplace is secure by using a private key, which can further be verified with a public key;
  3. Buy and sell. Token will allow users to select the platform of their choice;
  4. Voting Right. Having the right to vote allows gamers to play a significant role in the gaming industry, preventing market manipulation and monopolies;
  5. For Gamers. With blockchain technology, barriers between game developers, games platforms, and event organizers will be removed. ESHK owners have the right to vote, allowing them to control the ecosystem;
  6. Smart Contract. To automate the execution of a contract, eShark sends encrypted blockchain transaction records across the network. By improving the platform, users can expect it to be faster, more efficient, more accurate, more secure, and more transparent while retaining the current fee structure.


The token is a BEP20-compliant token, which can be stored in any BEP20-compliant wallet that supports eShark.

Ticker: ESHK

Name: eShark Token

The following functions will be added in the future:

  • The ESHK will be stored in the ESHK wallet integrated into the gaming platform;
  • ESHK balances will be viewed by users when they are logged into the platform.
  • Within the platform, users can send and receive ESHK.
  • ESHK will be used to purchase tickets for tournaments and events.
  • Rights to vote with ESHK on game-related matters.
  • ESHK will be accepted by the marketplace.

Token supply is 100,000,000,000 eShark Tokens.

  • 50% of the budget is allocated to burn rate;
  • For token sales, 20% will be delivered, divided into four stages:
    • Stage 1 : 5% supply;
    • Stage 2 : 7% supply;
    • Stage 3 : 5% supply;
    • Stage 4 : 3% supply;
  • 10% is reserved for marketing campaigns, which include:
    • 5% for airdrop & bounty;
    • 5% for marketing team & reversal;
  • 10% goes to founders and management;
  • There are 5% reserved for liquidity;
  • Partners and advisors receive 5%.

eShark Token is the future of Gamers

Gamers, exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors can all be part of the decentralized, open, and fair eShark Token network, making the financial market more global.

Traders will be able to attract investments from all over the world, allowing them to quickly scale their trading strategies. With the smart contract technology behind the platform, investment and trading will be automated and transparent.

A wide range of products makes up the eShark ecosystem:

  • Virtual wallet to perform transactions between eShark Tokens and other BEP-20 Tokens;
  • Virtual marketplace for buyers and sellers;
  • Sharkie Swap, a DEX exchange for trading digital assets;
  • Coral Pools, where users can stake their tokens and receive a reward;
  • Sharkie Lab, an NFT marketplace for collectors and creators with a user-friendly interface.

eShark Token backed by secure blockchain technology and safe smart contracts represents the future of gaming and trading. And it’ll become available for trading on the P2PB2B exchange in November. If you have an interest in this project, you have a fantastic chance to become a member of its community.

Check out these social media channels:

🎮 Website: esharktoken.com/  

🎮 Telegram: t.me/joinchat/d_xe8ntYFQtmZDM1  

🎮 Twitter: twitter.com/EsharkToken?s=08 

🎮 Facebook: facebook.com/esharktokenofficial/ 


(Featured image courtesy of eShark Token)

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