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Spain’s Public Investment in Digital Health Has Increased by 88.6%

FinTech Spain's Public Investment in Digital Health Has Increased by 88.6%

The General Secretariat for Digital Health, Information, and Innovation of the National Health System in Spain will receive $31 million (€26.8 million) from the General State Budget (PGE), which represents an increase of 88.6% over last year’s allocation. In 2021, the budget projected investment of $16.7 million (€14 million).

This body of the Ministry of Health, created in August 2020, deals with projects of modernization, innovation, improvement, and transformation of the National Health System (SNS) and has its origin in the outbreak of the pandemic. In particular, it is responsible for issues related to digital health and information systems.

In the 2022 budgets for this secretariat, the category of current expenditure on goods and services will receive $17.4 million (€15.1 million), a fivefold increase over the 2021 investment. This year, the material and supplies subcategory continues to take a large share of the pie with an item of $15.1 million (€13.1 million).

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In 2021, the budgets projected an investment of $16.7 million (€14 million)

On the other hand, expenses arising from personnel remain at $9.6 million (€8.3 million). In the last budgets, the item was practically the same. The largest part of the economic volume, $8.2 million (€7.1 million), is again allocated to the salaries of civil servants.

Another item that is maintained, with respect to the PGE of 2021, are the current transfers to autonomous communities “for the improvement of the health information system of the National Health System (SNS)”.

This category has (€2 million) allocated to it. The remittance dedicated to real investments is the only one that presents a setback with respect to the last budgets. In 2022, $1 million (€879,140) will be allocated to this item, which represents a 0.7% decrease in investment.

On a general scale, $6.27 billion (€5.43 billion) will be allocated to healthcare, which translates into an increase of 11% over the previous year

According to the head of Telemedicine Research at the Carlos III Health Institute (ISC III), Adolfo Muñoz, the NHS is more prepared to face digitalization and the arrival of the pandemic has accelerated this process: Spain was suffering from shortcomings and now they can be solved by taking advantage of the crisis that has arisen from the pandemic.

On a general scale, the Government will allocate $6.27 billion (€5.43 billion) to healthcare, which translates into an increase of 11% compared to previous budgets. In this sense, the Executive has included in the PGE an item of $581 million (€503 million), which will be allocated to the renovation of the SNS. In addition, care for the elderly and other dependents recorded an increase of 23.3%. The budgets include an item of more than $46 billion (€40 billion) for investment and capital transfers and include the $32 billion (€27.6 billion) that Spain is entitled to receive from European funds.


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