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Real Estate Lending Crowdfunding Platform Demetra Was Launched

FinTech Real Estate Lending Crowdfunding Platform Demetra Was Launched

Demetra Lending, the first real estate lending crowdfunding platform dedicated to impact investing has recently been launched. The benefit company was founded by: Bruno Vittorio Maino, sole administrator; Enrico Ventresca, spokesperson and moderator of the platform; Fabio Manni, property strategist. The Demetra Lending team is made up of a team of professionals, senior and junior, from the world of real estate, finance, and ICT. The portal hosts real estate transactions co-financed by the proposer, with a total annual social return of 16%, of which 12% is recognized to the investor and 4% is allocated to charitable purposes, such as the initiative Homeness, undertaken with Caritas of Bergamo, in support of the homeless.

In order to start its activity on the Italian market, Demetra Lending has entered into the first partnership with a real estate company based in Bergamo and specialized in the purchase and sale of properties subject to executive and bankruptcy proceedings: Win to Win real estate srl, whose partners (Tancredi Giribaldi Laurenti, accountant; Daniele Gambarini, lawyer; Fabio Branchi, real estate agent), have embraced and shared the philosophy of impact investing and have adopted the ethical code of Demetra Lending.

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Demetra Lending has been developed by Crowdcore, a partner for the conception, the technological realization, and the development of the brand identity

The platform hosts three types of real estate transactions: instant buyer (properties on the open market to be redeveloped), auction (properties in the judicial auction), and pre-auction (properties close to judicial auction). All are concluded within 10 months, with an interest rate of 10% (12% per year), and require a minimum investment of 1,000 euros through real estate lending crowdfunding. In this way, the investor will not be bound to the proposing company, will not become a partner by purchasing shares, but a simple lender of a capital that will be returned to him, with interest accrued, at the end of the sale.

Of particular social impact is the operation of pre-auction reserved for the executions: (owners whose property is about to be sold at a judicial auction): once the agreement with the creditors has been reached, the executive procedure is extinguished, the debtor will be exonerated, his property will be sold on the open market and he will be recognized 50% of the margin on the sale (minus the costs of the operation).

Demetra Lending has been developed by Crowdcore, a partner for the conception, the technological realization, and the development of the brand identity. Payments will be managed by Lemonway, an institution authorized by the Bank of France to operate in Italy and the legal part has been entrusted to Avvocati.net. The impact investing of Demetra Lending, whose code of ethics is inspired by the main Charters of the United Nations and most recently by Agenda 2030, also involves the environment, with the decision to prohibit the publication of real estate projects involving land consumption, damage to the ecosystem and that arise in “virgin” territories. Moreover, the portal is working, as of now, to inaugurate, in the next two years, a section dedicated to environmental redevelopment projects.

The partners of Demetra Holding (Bruno Vittorio Maino, sole director, Enrico Ventresca, spokesman and moderator of the platform, Fabio Manni, property strategist) commented: “The centrality of the person as a philosophy of protection of human resources, the development of a sustainable economic model for man and nature, recites the code of ethics, is the basis of every action of Demetra Lending. We want to propose a new financial and real estate model that excludes the one and only pursuit of profit and that includes social and environmental goals, and that is why we select only projects in line with our ethical and moral values. Demetra Lending, then, takes care of the investor, to whom it guarantees a co-financing of 10% of the investment, provided by the proposer and provides him with a valid and innovative tool of alternative finance. with positive effects on the community and the country”.

Alessandro Lerro, founder of Avvocati.net and one of the leading experts in Italy on crowd economy and fintech, added: “Impact investing represents the present and the future of finance and has now become a constant requirement for investment decisions, even by non-professional investors, who are strongly aligned with the indications of the European Banking Authority, as demonstrated by the growing demand for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) scoring. Demetra Lending introduces sustainability in real estate crowdfunding, with an irreversible choice that will soon be imitated by many players in the sector.”


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